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These titles were conferred on them at the annual Police award and retirement ceremony, which was held on the 28.12.2018 under the theme “Above and Beyond, Rewarding Dedication to Duty and Country.”

The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVPF), honored its officers, staff and retirees, at the, under the theme: The goal of the ceremony was to recognize the awardees outstanding performance in the line of duty as well as their efforts to protect their communities and support their various departments in 2018.

It was a night full of heightened spirits and admiration, as Police Officers past and present, as well as friends and family members of the Royal Constabulary came out in their numbers to support the sixty-one (61) awardees and seventeen (17) retirees who were being recognized.

President of the Police Welfare Association (PWA) Station Sergeant (S/Sgt) Brenton Smith while delivering brief remarks, commended each of the officers for their service throughout their year and admonished them to continue setting a high standard in the organization. He also highlighted some of the initiatives of the PWA, notably the Police retirement plan that the Welfare Association has been working arduously to promote. S/Sgt Smith also highlighted the importance of officers furthering their studies, as it leads to further personal development as well as helping to improve the quality of service they deliver to the public. S/Sgt Smith also recognized the contribution of the retired officers for their years of service to the nation as well as their services rendered to the RSVPF.

The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Colin John in his remarks also conveyed his appreciation for the outstanding service rendered by the awardees. He thanked the retirees for their contribution to the RSVPF and St. Vincent and Grenadines as a whole, acknowledging that the organization was built on the foundation that they have set. The Commissioner used the opportunity to outline the accomplishments made by the RSVPF in 2018 as a result of the hard work and dedication displayed by the officers under his command. One such achievement being the reduction in the number of homicides committed for the year 2018, which is recorded at 34 in comparison to 39 that was recorded for the similar period in 2017.

The COP also took the time to thank the citizens of SVG for supporting and assisting the police by providing vital information that eventually aided in the apprehension and prosecution or criminals. Commissioner John also commended the contribution of the various Police community support initiatives like the Police week of activities, Neighborhood watch groups and the Police Youth Club chapters throughout the nation. He expounded on the invaluable contributions that these initiatives have made in ensuring that the RSVPF fosters positive relationships with the nation’s communities. The COP also thanked the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines for ensuring the continued growth and development of the RSVPF as well as putting measures in place to ensure the safety and comfort of Police officers amidst the competing needs of the various ministries. He also used to opportunity to thank the Mustique Charitable Trust: the premium sponsors of the DARE program and Mr. O.T. Mayers of Finishing and Furnishing for their significant and tangible contributions to the Constabulary.

In delivering the keystone address, Minister of National Mobilization, Hon. Frederick Stephenson described his unwavering support for the RSVPF since he began his career at the Magistrates Court. He commended the organization for its tremendous contribution in maintaining law and order in SVG. The minister expressed that amidst the many challenges faced by the constabulary, they are still able to combat the criminal elements whose aim is to sully and degrade our country. The minister also used the opportunity to congratulate the organizations recent recruits for choosing policing as a career, and encouraged them to aspire to become excellent members of the organization. Minister Stephenson also made mention of the recent addition to the Coast Guard Fleet, the Captain Mulzac, a 140ft. vessel which aims to increase the capacity of the SVG Coast Guard Service in securing our nation’s borders. He also recognized the work of the Police in bringing the perpetrators of criminal activities to justice as well as the preventative measures taken by the constabulary to ensure that the incidence of homicides are reduced. Minister Stephenson concluded his remarks by assuring the nations citizens that SVG is still one of the safest countries in the world as a result of the selfless service of the RSVPF.

Other notable awards conferred at the ceremony were, Best at Costumer Service which was awarded to the SVG Fire Brigade. The title of Police Sports man and woman of the year were awarded to P.C.178 Kenneth Dember and W.P.C.353 Damuris Dopwell/Browne respectively.

The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force annual awards ceremony was hosted at the Russell’s Auditorium and paid tribute to the professionalism displayed by the men and women who were honored during the event. The ceremony also outlined the dedication to service displayed by the men and women of the RSVPF in protecting the citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.